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How do I cook the meals?

All our meals are designed to be stored and heated from frozen, therefore we will always recommend the ‘from frozen’ instruction as this will give the best results. Heating instructions can be found on the packaging, and also on the product informati

How do I know which size pot to buy?

Our core range of meals are now 200g and developed with children between 1 and 5 years old in mind, introducing more complex textures and flavours. Our Simple range meals are 150g and have been specifically designed for younger children from 8 months

How do I store the meals?

Our meals should be stored in the freezer as soon as possible after delivery. If the product defrosts but is still below 5 degrees Celcius, store in a fridge and consume within 48 hours (cooking time may vary, always ensure food is piping hot through

How long will your meals last in the freezer?

Our meals are dispatched with a minimum of 60 days shelf life remaining, however customers usually receive product with a much longer shelf life than this. You should always refer to the Best Before date printed on the packaging.

How do I know if your meals contain allergens?

Some of our meals are made without allergens but all may contain traces of celery, crustaceans, eggs, fish, gluten, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame, soy and sulphites, due to these ingredients being handled in our kitchen for ot

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We place great importance on understanding the origins of our food in order to provide an authentic farm-to-fork experience. We exclusively procure beef mince and chickens from W. Bunting, a trusted family butchers known for their traditional practic

Are your ingredients/meals organic?

All our dairy is organic and our eggs are free range, while our chicken and beef come from free-range high welfare farms in Kent and Surrey. We have a close relationship with our butcher and know exactly which farm the animals come from! Our fish is

Which oils do you cook with?

In some of our meals, we use a small amount of British cold-pressed rapeseed oil. We understand that some customers are concerned about the use of seed oils in their foods, however we have worked with our children's dietitian Lucy Upton to ensure all

Are your products pasteurised?

No. Our food is cooked like you would at home and rapidly frozen to lock in goodness.

Is your meat halal?

Unfortunately our meat is not halal.

Do you offer vegan / plant-based meals?

We have a variety of meals for vegan or plant-based diets, you can filter in the 'Build your Box' section for vegan meals. But they are also listed below:. Veggie Korma. Lentil Bolognese. Indian-Style Veggie Pilaf. Apple and Cinnamon Oat Bites. Hidde

Why have your meals changed from 8+months to 1-5 years?

Our meals are designed to be suitable for a wide range of ages and feeding stages. For clarity for our customers, our core range of meals is now developed with children between 1 and 5 years old in mind, introducing more complex textures and flavours

Why are most of your snacks for age 3+? Can my younger child eat them?

In the UK, foods intended specifically for infants and young children must meet certain criteria in order to legally be declared as suitable for these ages. Under this law, ‘infants’ refers to children under 12 months and ‘young children’ refers to c

Why do some of your snacks only come in pouches?

We’ve started using bigger snack packs for our delicious new range of snacks - Cheesy Veg Bites, Apple & Cinnamon Mini Muffins, Blueberry Mini Muffins and Mini Apple Pancakes. With these pouches, you get more snacks in each pack, plus they are easier

What are your new snack packs made of?

Our new snack packs are made of LDPE-4, a waterproof and freezer-safe flexible plastic material. We heat seal the pouch in production, which creates a tamper-evident seal. These pouches are resealable, so it’s now even easier to take out the amount y

What if my child doesn't like one of the meals?

Babies and young children aren't going to like everything you give them, especially the first time they try it. It can take 10 tries to get them to learn a new taste. However, if your child is constantly rejecting something then we recommend choosing

Do your meals contain additives?

The term 'additive' refers to any ingredient which performs a function in a food; for example the baking powder used in our banana pancakes to make them light and fluffy is technically an 'additive'. However, we use very few of these ingredients and

Are your meals free from added salt and sugars?

We work with our Children's Dietitian, Lucy Upton, to develop our meals to be nutritionally balanced for children; this includes a policy of never adding salt or sugar to our meals when cooking them. However, some of our recipes contain a very small

Can you cook Pots for Tots meals and snacks in the air fryer?

You can certainly try it - however, please make sure that the internal temperature of the meal or snack is at least 70°C for two minutes. As we have not tested our recipes in air fryers ourselves, and there is so much variation between air fryer mode

Can the pots go directly into the oven?

We have recently updated our packaging to a new PP lined paperboard, which is more suited to our microwave cook methods. However, we have decided to advise against putting the pot directly in the oven as the material is not best suited to the high an