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Which oils do you cook with?Updated 2 months ago

In some of our meals, we use a small amount of British cold-pressed rapeseed oil. 

We understand that some customers are concerned about the use of seed oils in their foods, however we have worked with our children's dietitian Lucy Upton to ensure all the ingredients we use in our products are safe, and that the finished meals are nutritionally balanced. 

When cooking, we often use methods that don't require any oil, however some meals use a minimal amount of rapeseed oil to help the cooking process. Our pancakes and courgette bites also include rapeseed oil; this is because, being vegan, there needs to be a fat to bind the mixture. 

In the UK, we have strict guidelines and standards for food production (different from other countries such as the USA, where much of the information available online/through influencers originates). UK oilseed rape varieties have to be a 'double-low' variety which has a low erucic acid content, meaning the amount ending up in our meals which use rapeseed oil will be negligible-to-none. 

We don't use any other seed oils in our foods - however please be assured that we always ensure every ingredient we use has been checked and approved by our dietitian!

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