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Are your meals free from added salt and sugars?Updated 2 months ago

We work with our Children's Dietitian, Lucy Upton, to develop our meals to be nutritionally balanced for children; this includes a policy of never adding salt or sugar to our meals when cooking them. However, some of our recipes contain a very small amount of sugar or salt, which is a secondary ingredient in some of the ingredients we use, for example, cheese, oat milk and tomato purée. 

The stock we use adds heaps of flavour but with no added salt, and the amount of sugar which ends up in the finished recipe as a result is less than 0.01%. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find a stock available for commercial use that doesn’t contain sugar, but we are always on the lookout for viable alternatives! 

Another example of an ingredient we use which contains sugar and salt is Worcestershire sauce - once again, the amount ending up in the finished meal is minimal. 

The sugar content which you see on our nutritional labels is due to naturally occurring sugars in ingredients such as vegetables and carbohydrates - this is the same for nearly all foods. Our Apricot & Carrot Oat Bites contain honey, while our Apple & Cinnamon Oat Bites contain agave - however, these are designed as a snack and not a complete meal.

Whilst the salt and sugar content of our meals is minimal, we always recommend referring to the content in each of our meals as shown on the nutritional table on the product page, or on the packaging.

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