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Where do your source your ingredients from?Updated 4 months ago

We place great importance on understanding the origins of our food in order to provide an authentic farm-to-fork experience. We exclusively procure beef mince and chickens from W. Bunting, a trusted family butchers known for their traditional practices. W. Bunting sources their meat from reputable organic and free range farmers located throughout the south east region, guaranteeing the availability of the healthiest and most delectable cuts. 


Our dairy products are all organic, and the eggs we use are sourced from Longman's, a free-range supplier situated in the heart of Somerset. 


When it comes to our fish, we prioritise freshness and reliability, acquiring it from Direct Seafoods, which has been honoured with the prestigious MSC UK Fresh Fish Foodservice Supplier of the Year award for two consecutive years. 


Additionally, our fresh fruit and vegetables are procured from various locally owned organic and sustainably farmed farms.


It's worth noting that although we cannot officially claim that our meals are organic due to the absence of certification (it’s incredibly difficult to become organic certified and a lengthy process), we remain committed to sourcing our ingredients exclusively from organic and free range farms across the United Kingdom. 


Our strong belief in utilising the finest ingredients stems from our dedication to nurturing and supporting the growth of your little ones.

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