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How do I know which size pot to buy?Updated 4 months ago

We currently offer two different size pots, small and medium. We have given a rough guide on the ages below however this can vary based on your little one's appetite.

Small: 8 months - 2 years (200g - 250g)
Medium: 2 years - 5 years (250g - 300g)

Our 200g (small) pots are nutritionally balanced and approved by our Children’s Dietitian as suitable for 2-year-old toddlers.

We recognise that there are growth and developmental differences betweeen infants (under 12 months) and those over 12 months - babies have very high nutritional requirements, and as these these start to slow considerably from 18-24 months, it means that the small portion size can be applicable to both.

The majority of our customers (and us in the team) find the small size ideal for toddlers, and even older children too. For those with larger appetites, you could add an additional side or portion of veg alongside the meal.

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