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Are your ingredients/meals organic?Updated 2 months ago

All our dairy is organic and our eggs are free range, while our chicken and beef come from free-range high welfare farms in Kent and Surrey. We have a close relationship with our butcher and know exactly which farm the animals come from! Our fish is all sustainably sourced and we work with a local supplier for all of our veg. 

There are strict laws around when businesses can use the claim ‘organic’ on their products and packaging. In order to do this, the business selling the product has to apply and pay for organic certification from a recognised certification body (such as the Soil Association), which is a very costly and complex process. 

As a small business, this is unfortunately not viable for us at the moment, however, our ingredient quality and standards are our highest priority. Be aware that many small brands use the organic claim when they haven’t actually been certified; we would love to be able to do this also but we are sticklers for the rules!

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